Prior to registering with Guitar School Elger, the applicant needs to agree on the General Terms as listed below.


Course days and holidays are in accordance with basic education. The student is taught weekly on fixed days and times.


Payment is due quarterly, meaning three months in advance. The student will receive an invoice which lists the due amount.

A preference goes out to bank transfer, but payment is cash is also possible.

Trial lessons are to be paid in cash.





Should the student be delayed, he/she must inform the teacher on this in a timely manner, through telephone, SMS or e-mail.

In principle, there is no way to catch up on missed music lessons after a student has been delayed.

Should the teacher be delayed, the same information obligation will stand. During the absence of the teacher, the non-held lessons will be caught up on or the tuition fee will be settled.



In principle, Guitar School Elger will not refund tuition fees. Exceptions are made in case of force majeure, long-term illness or accidents.



Should a student wish to cancel the lessons, this may be done at all times.

The term of notice amounts to one month, which is entered into from the 1st of the subsequent month.



Guitar School Elger is not liable for damages or disappearance of property and goods of any person, nor also for physical injuries incurred during one’s stay in the Guitar School. 

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